Yanlin (Elaine) Chen currently helps edit Wikipedia pages related to communism based on library research that involves Professor A. James McAdams’ book, Vanguard of the Revolution, and many other useful sources on communist history. She will also assist Professor McAdams in finalizing his book about the recent rise of New Rightist thinkers around the globe. Those thinkers intend to offer substantive alternatives to the current conception of liberal democracy which are based on ideas like “right to difference,” ethnopluralism, and identity. Chen will help Professor McAdams collect information and chapters from the co-authors.

In addition, Chen is working on her philosophy senior thesis about the relationship(s) of truth, morality, and politics under the mentorship of Professor McAdams. She wants to answer the question whether citizens have moral obligations to inquire factual truths of political issues and to hold rational beliefs about them.

In 2018, Chen received the Summer Language Award (SLA) from the Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures to take a six-week intensive German language course in Munich. In 2019, she received the Scholarly Development Grant from The Flatley Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement (CUSE) to attend the San Diego Program for Women Philosophers at UCSD. In 2020, she received an ISP conference grant from Kellogg Institute to attend the Kellogg conference “New Right Thinkers and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy.”

Philosophy, Politics & Economics
Current Research

Research Interests
Political philosophy of dictatorship and democracy, communism, Germany, China.

Current Research
I am currently assisting Professor McAdams on research of the uses and the psychological causes of political violence, populism, authoritarianism, and leadership.


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