Patricia Rodrigues in Brazil

Graduate Students

Engagement with the welcoming Kellogg community, coupled with a variety of research support, makes all the difference to the doctoral students affiliated with the Institute. Drawn to work with renowned Notre Dame faculty, they become an integral part of the Institute’s intellectual life.


Doctoral Student E-Brochure

Fellowship Opportunities

Our objectives for graduate students parallel our overall aspirations for building intellectual community: attract the best, assemble a community of scholars, and promote research excellence, especially related to our research themes of democracy and human development. Generous research funding compliments excellent professors and the supportive Kellogg community.

Grant Opportunities

With the intention of fostering new and promising research into issues that run parallel with our core themes, the Kellogg Institute offers multiple grants for research, professional training, and conference travel for our graduate students.

The Bokhari Fund: This Fund provides grants of up to $4000 for the study of Islamic societies and culture, and can be devoted to research or conference travel. Please note in the first paragraph of your proposal that you are requesting support from the Bokhari Fund. Use Bokhari grants as a sole source of funding for a project, or combine them with other grants offered by the Kellogg Institute or the University of Notre Dame. 

Legacy Project Internal Grants: The Legacy Project Grants aim to support Notre Dame faculty, researchers and graduate students with grants of up to $2,500, that use, and intend to maximize, the transmedia files of the Colombian Truth Commission towards peace, conflict, and democracy research at the University of Notre Dame.