Nicholas Ottone assists Professor Michael Coppedge with research concerning the effect of democratic changes in one nation on other nations within existing networks. Visualizing these changes through time on shifting maps will assist audiences and researchers on the impact of changes in polarchy on neighboring nations and allies.  In the past, he has assisted Professor Coppedge with editing and creating visualizations for his and his collaborators' forthcoming book on their groundbreaking Varieties of Democracy project, as well as preparing graphics for papers and presentations. His research interests include the American public education system, racial resentment, and democratic institutions. 

Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Political Science
Glynn Family Honors Program
Current Research

Research Interests
Research interests include democracy promotion, race/ethnicity, and education policy.

Current Research
I have helped Professor Coppedge with editing and formatting the Varieties of Democracy book. Independently, I am researching the effects of racial resentment on attitudes toward the Republican and Democratic Party in presidential election years.