The Kellogg Institute for International Studies appointed 12 new faculty fellows in the fall of 2019. The new cohort brings to the Kellogg scholary community a wide range of expertise, from culture and arts to political economy and civil war, and includes the Institute's first faculty fellow from the School of Architecture. 

The new fellows are:

  • Alejandro Estefan, assistant professor of development economics at the Keough School of Global Affairs - His research focuses on human development, with the goal of informing policy decision-making in Latin America and elsewhere.
  • William Collins Donahue, Rev. John J. Cavanaugh, CSC, Professor of the Humanities, concurrent professor of  Film, Television, and Theatre, director of the Initiative for Global Europe at the Keough School - His expertise lies in contemporary German literature and film.
  • Joshua Eisenman, associate professor of global affairs at the Keough School and a senior fellow for China studies at the American Foreign Policy Council - His research focuses on the political economy of China’s development and its foreign relations with the United States and the developing world, particularly Africa.
  • John Firth, assistant professor of economics - His research interests include development, trade, and political economy. He works in development economics, with a focus on the factors hindering productivity growth.
  • Anne García-Romero, associate professor of film, television, and theatre - She specializes in playwriting, screenwriting, and Latinx theatre studies.
  • Mahan Mirza, executive director of the Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion, teaching professor with the Keough School, and advisor to Madrasa Discources, a Contending Modernities project of the Kroc Institute- His expertise lies in Islamic studies particularly with relation to science, scripture, education, history, and politics.
  • John Onyango, associate professor of architecture - He studies humane spaces and architectural designs that foster positive development outcomes, and promoting community engagement in those designs.
  • Patrizio Piraino,  associate professor of global affairs at the Keough School - His research focuses on the intersection of education and development, including human capital and labor market policies in developing regions, and the broader determinants of socio-economic disadvantage.
  • Emma Planinc, assistant professor of political science in the Program of Liberal Studies, concurrent in the Department of Political Science - She is a historian of political thought, with research interests in early modern and Enlightenment political philosophy, contemporary political theory, and the relationship between religion and politics.
  • Sonja Stojanovic, assistant professor of French and concurrent faculty in the Gender Studies Program - She specializes in 20th- and 21st-century French and Francophone literature and culture.
  • Rachel Sweet, assistant professor of global affairs at the Keough School - Her research focuses on armed conflict, governance and state capacity in fragile environments, and the methodology and data of studying civil wars and armed violence.
  • Todd Walatka, associate teaching professor and the assistant chair for graduate studies in the Department of Theology - He specializes in contemporary Catholic systematic theology, focusing on influential Latin American thinkers including Gustavo Gutiérrez, Jon Sobrino, Juan Luis Segundo, and Archbishop Óscar Romero.

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