Erin Metz McDonnell

A Kellogg Institute faculty fellow has won three awards from the American Sociological Association for her article  "Patchwork Leviathan: How Pockets of Bureaucratic Governance Flourish within Institutionally Diverse Developing States." 

Erin Metz McDonnell, a Kellogg assistant professor of sociology, received the organization’s Junior Theorist Award from the Theory Section, the Richard Scott Article Award from the Organizations, Occupations & Work section, and the Faculty Article Award from the Sociology of Development Section.

The article was published last year in the American Sociological Review, and, according to its abstract, “develops the concept of interstitial bureaucracy to explain how and why unusually high-performing state organizations in developing countries invert canonical features of Weberian bureaucracy.” It also proposes a framework for how bureaucratic interstices respond to challenges.