Kellogg Faculty Fellow Abby Córdova and PhD Fellow Natán SkiginKellogg Faculty Fellow Abby Córdova and PhD Fellow Natán Skigin were featured in a "Small Grants Spotlight" on the Evidence in Governance and Politics (EGAP) website, with a Q&A-format interview regarding their paper titled “Reducing Citizen Support for State Violence against Undocumented Immigrants through Victims’ Testimonies and Information Campaigns.”

The paper is part of a larger project for which they received both Kellogg funding and a LATAM Regional Hub Small Grants Fund from the EGAP called "Reducing Anti-Immigrant Sentiment and Promoting Pro-Immigrant Behavior in Host Latin American Countries." 

Their paper examines the effects of information campaigns combined with outgroups’ personal narratives on citizen attitudes towards the use of state violence against undocumented immigrants and increased demands for accountability. They found that individuals who were exposed to both information on the rule of law and immigrants’ testimonies became more compassionate towards immigrants, angrier towards state forces, and more willing to hold public officials accountable. 

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