Marissa Plante’s research interests center on the relationships between government, the legal system, and society and how these relationships affect the state of a nation’s human rights. Through Kellogg ISP, Plante has assisted Professor Guillermo Trejo with his upcoming book about connections between transitional justice measures and violent crime rates in formerly authoritarian nations. Specifically, Plante has helped Professor Trejo compile and analyze a comprehensive case study of Peru for his book, detailing the nation's journey through civil war, dictatorship, and transitional justice. Currently, Plante is working on a thesis analyzing the welfare of gender-nonconforming college students. The thesis aims to compare the welfare of students attending 1. secular and Christian universities, and 2. universities whose nondiscrimination clauses protect gender expression and those that do not.

She is currently a research assistant of the Kellogg Institute's Notre Dame Violence and Transitional Justice Lab (V-TJLab).

Political Science

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