Broadly, Professor Karen Richman and MacKenzie Isaac are interested in studying the out-migration and return migration patterns of Afro Latinos, particularly those on the island of Hispaniola (the shared geographical space of Haiti and the Dominican Republic). Professor Richman and Isaac research how culture and identity are reproduced beyond the island, and how both economic and health behaviors are shaped by movements from one physical and cultural landscape to another. Isaac’s current project is on the misinformed portrayal of an overpopulation crisis in Haiti, how this portrayal is rooted in longstanding bias against developing countries of the African Diaspora, and why Haiti’s reality of decreasing fertility is a concern not only for those on the island, but for common host nations to Haitian migrants, such as the United States and Canada. This research debunking the myth of Haitian overpopulation and critiquing the family planning programs imposed to stifle Haitian fertility will be presented at this fall’s Haitian Studies Association, and this spring’s Latin American Studies Association.

Data Science
Latino Studies

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