Lisa Huang is working with Professor Terence McDonnell on his empathy objects project. She is finalizing a research study that uses empathy-inducing narrative, video, and virtual reality to measure potential impact on empathy. With an emphasis on global altruism, Huang is assessing factors of empathy objects and storytelling to discern effectiveness of researched cases. She focuses on the integration of technology and narratives for the purpose of furthering pro-social outcomes. Huang's work includes literature reviews, case selection, research analysis, and data collection.

Huang has been involved in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Building Bridges Program, and the Symphony Orchestra. She has also studied abroad in Alcoy, Spain through the Notre Dame Engineering Program.

Electrical Engineering
Engineering Corporate Practice
Current Research

Research Interests
I am interested in technological advancements and its contribution to the medical sphere. I have aspirations to work on research that pursues a higher form of efficient automation in medical technology. The potential to create such developments in healthcare is expansive and innovative problem solving would largely contribute to this research. The global impact of this scientific progress would have potential to strengthen the health of individuals and their communities.

Current Research
I am currently analyzing the effect of psychological factors on malnutrition and obesity among children. This includes the varying amount of impact psychological factors have on a child’s treatment throughout their health journey. The goal of my current literature analysis is to contribute to the knowledge hub present and ongoing at iCeNSA. My research includes a complete related works scan that will interface previous research done on child malnutrition. Under the instruction of Professor Nitesh Chawla, I will primarily focus on a related work survey, data collection, and any accompanying analysis.