Sexual Violence During War: Towards a Typology of Political Violence

Elisabeth Jean Wood

Not all armed organizations deploy rape as a strategy of war. Some do not engage in it at all; others do so not as a strategy but as a practice of war. Drawing on a typology of wartime rape, Wood analyzes the conditions for an organization to adopt rape as a policy, as a practice – or to effectively prohibit it.

This lecture is part of a larger series organized by Faculty Fellows Michael Coppedge and Andrew Gould entitled “Perspectives on World Politics.” Since its inception in 2016, this series aims to spotlight the Kellogg Institute’s strength in comparative politics by featuring distinguished scholars who speak on a topic related to each year’s theme.

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Elisabeth Jean Wood

Elisabeth Jean Wood is professor of political science and international and area studies at Yale University and a member of the external faculty of the Santa Fe Institute. Her research in comparative politics focuses on sexual violence during war; emergence and resolution of civil wars; collective action and social movements; transitions to democracy; distributive politics, especially agrarian; and the politics of Latin America and Africa...
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