Kaitlyn Cox is a neuroscience and behavior and Spanish supplemental major. This academic year Cox will be working with Professor Vania Smith-Oka, who currently has two projects from two different locations in Mexico. One of her projects is based out of Veracruz, Mexico. There, she has collected information on various plants and how they are used within the community. As her research assistant, Cox will be compiling the data that Professor Smith-Oka has collected on those plants. That includes researching the specific specimen, labeling the plants by both their common and scientific names, writing the botanical descriptions, and adding notes taken from the field. Using her background in the Spanish language, Cox will also help to transcribe collected data, notes and interviews from Spanish to English.

Neuroscience and Behavior
Current Research

Research Interests
I am interested in researching factors that play a role in health care inequality in both Latin America and the United States. I am also interested in factors that play a role in health care inequality for immigrants and refugees.

Current Research
I currently work as a research assistant for Dr. Smith-Oka. I help to transcribe interviews from Spanish to English. I am working with other research assistants to analyze data that examines reproductive experiences for women in Mexico.