Jingjing Yu has been working with Professor Victoria Tin-bor Hui on research related to the formation and transformation of China in history. She has been helping Professor Hui examine the centrality of war in shaping the Chinese border by studying original historical war texts. In this research project, Yu has also been collaborating with other team members to work on the identification of crucial war information, such as marching routes and casualties, and the contribution of war data to interactive GIS map demonstrating the expansions of ancient Chinese territories. She is currently working on Sui and Tang dynasties, both involving the main campaigns’ significant marches towards North Korea and Mongolia and frequent interactions with neighboring countries. Dealing with both Chinese and English texts, this project offers Yu the opportunity to approach to Chinese history from two different but intersecting angles, which, to some extent, match Yu’s individual research interest. After a visit to the Boston Chinatown and a Muslim mosque in her home city of Nanjing, Yu has gained interest in the processes of Sinification and Americanization, and she has finally converged her research interest to Chinese-American cultural interactions. She is now planning research on Chinese schools in American Chinatowns.

Political Science

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