Abroad: Rome, Italy - Spring 2022

Jacqueline Glago works alongside Professor Ilaria Schnyder von Wartensee in conducting research on programs that highlight the role of the refugee/migrant in crisis situations, and the experiences and obstacles they face in adapting to a new country. This research is primarily focused on the Humanitarian Corridors project, but has expanded to include personal accounts of female immigrants in the Michiana community. Glago is passionate about amplifying the voices that are often not heard, and has been able to use her Italian and Spanish speaking skills to work towards this passion alongside Professor Schnyder von Wartensee. Glago plans to continue working on research pertaining to immigration, and hopes to highlight the role of female immigrants, which is often overlooked.

Glago spent the past summer working in the Office of Global Women's Issues at the US Department of State, an opportunity she learned about through ISP. She is happy to serve as a resource for anyone who is looking for a similar experience.

Global Affairs
Italian Studies
Political Science

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