Marisel Moreno is Associate Professor of Latino/a Literature at the University of Notre Dame.  Issues of race, gender, and ethnicity are central to her work, which also examines the literary and cultural production of Afro-Latinos and the so-called “Other” Latinos (Salvadorans, Guatemalans, and Peruvians).  She has published articles in Afro-Hispanic Review, CENTRO, The Latino(a) Research Review, Latino Studies, Hispanic Journal, and Sargasso, among others. She was a recipient of the American Association of University Women Fellowship in 2009-2010. 

Thematic Interests

Caribbean Latino/a literature and culture, Afro-Latino/a and Afro-Latin American literatures, the “Other” Latinos (Central American and South American), women’s literature, migration, race, gender, ethnicity, and biculturalism, service-learning and community-based learning pedagogy.

Current Research

Representations of migration and marginality in Afro-Dominican, Peruvian, and Salvadoran literatures in the U.S.


Journal Articles

“‘Swimming in Olive Oil’: North Africa and the Hispanic Caribbean in the Poetry of Víctor Hernández Cruz,” Hispanic Review 83, 3 (Summer 2015)
"Writing the Puerto Rican Rural Experience in the Midwest: An Interview with Fred Arroyo," CENTRO Journal (Center for Puerto Rican Studies) 27, 1 (Spring 2015)
“‘Burlando la Raza’: La Poesía de Escritoras Afrodominicanas en la Diáspora,” Camino Real: Estudios de las Hispanidades Norteamericanas 3, 4 (2011)
“Los Derechos Humanos en Erzulie’s Skirt de Ana Lara,” Global: Revista De La Fundación Global Democracia Y Desarrollo [República Dominicana] 42 (2011)
“The Important Things Hide in Plain Sight: A Conversation with Junot Diaz,” Latino Studies 8, 4 (2010)
“The Tyranny of Silence: Marianismo as Violence in the Works of Alba Ambert and Annecy Baez,” The Latino(a) Research Review (SUNY) 7, 3 (Summer 2010)
“Family Matters: Revisiting la gran familia puertorriqueña in the Works of Rosario Ferré and Judith Ortiz Cofer,” Centro Journal 21, 2 (Fall 2010)
“Dominican Dreams: Diasporic Identity in Angie Cruz’s Let It Rain Coffee,Sargasso: Quisqueya: La República Extended 2008–09 II (University of Puerto Rico)
“Debunking Myths, Destabilizing Identities: A Reading of Junot Díaz’s ‘How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, or Halfie,’” Afro-Hispanic Review 26, 2 (Fall 2007)
“Bordes líquidos, fronteras y espejismos: El dominicano y la migración intra-caribeña en boat people de Mayra Santos Febres.” Revista de Estudios Hispánicos (University of Puerto Rico) 34, 2 (2007)


El arte al servicio del pueblo/Art at the Service of the People: Carteles y Libros de la División de Educación de la Comunidad (DIVEDCO), Snite Museum Exhibit Catalogue, (with Thomas F. Anderson, Spring 2012)
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