Jackson Oxler is a junior studying political science, anthropology, and global affairs with a concentration in international development studies. This year, Oxler will be working alongside Rev. Tim Scully, C.S.C., on the Machuca Project. Focused in Chile, the Machuca Project focuses on the long-term effects of educational integration programs. Through a longitudinal study, Oxler is researching the outcomes of Chilean students who were integrated into an elite school in the 1970s. More specifically, the project seeks to understand to what extent these students, their families, and the school community were impacted by the integration efforts.

In the summer of 2019, Oxler was awarded a Summer Language Abroad grant to study the Spanish language in immersion in Barcelona, Spain. In January of 2020, he travelled to Berlin, Germany with the Nanovic Institute to study refugee integration and social welfare. He hopes to use his language skills to conduct independent research in Chile and to bring together his interests in migration, educational equity, and economic inequalities.

Global Affairs
Political Science

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