Policy and Practice Research Lab 

Integral Human Development Research

PI's: Clemens Sedmak (social ethics and global affairs) and Rev. Emmanuel Katongole (theology and peace studies)

The Integral Human Development Research Lab collects and generates evidence about ways of implementing IHD. Led by Faculty Fellows Clemens Sedmak, an ethicist, and Emmanuel Katongole, a theologian, the IHD Research Lab conducts interdisciplinary research on this emerging concept, and connects scholars at the University of Notre Dame and other institutions with practitioners around the world.

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Integral human development is a holistic vision of global development with roots in Catholic social teaching that is shared by other religious and faith traditions. Unlike other development models, IHD encompasses but does not rely on economic growth as the sole pathway to human flourishing. Instead, it studies areas that promote human development and individual dignity, such as poverty reduction, conflict resolution, human rights, religious belonging, and relationships – all of which help each person be more rather than simply have more.

The IHD Handbook highlights distinct concepts relevant to the discourse on and the practice of Integral Human Development. Click below to read more on a particular concept.