Visiting Fellow Gabriela Lucía Marzonetto specializes in the politics of childcare policies in Latin America, analyzing the effects and the political determinants of childcare policy and its outcomes. The scope of policies she has addressed range from parental leave and family allowances to Early Childhood Education and Care Services in federal and centralized countries with democratic regimes, with expertise thus far particularly in the Southern Cone.

During her time with the Kellogg Institute, Marzonetto will work on the project “The Politics of Childcare Policy Expansion in Central America,” which will expand her research to Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, exploring the political factors that explain the differences in the design of childcare policies during the “second expansionary phase of social protection” (about 2003-2014). She will explore questions and evidence regarding which kinds of childcare policies help to reduce social, economic and gender inequalities, and the limits Latin American countries face in addressing these kinds of policies.

Marzonetto’s publications include coordination and editorial work on two books, chapters in two edited volumes, and articles published in such places as Revista Pilquén, Revista Documentos y Aportes de Administración Pública y Gestión Estatal, Revista de Estudios Políticos y Estratégicos, and Revista Estudios del Trabajo.

Marzonetto earned a PhD in political science, in the field of comparative politics on social policies, from National University of San Martín (Argentina), where her dissertation won the Social Institute of Mercosur award for Best Dissertation on Social Policies (2019). She also holds an MA in development management and policy from Georgetown University and National University of San Martín.

KDR Assistant:
Diego Cubillo