From a Family Need to a Public Issue? Unraveling the Childcare Policy in Central America

Gabriela Lucía Marzonetto
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Gabriela Lucía Marzonetto
Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, CONICET, National University of Cuyo
Kellogg Visiting Fellow

The paper discusses the diversity in the outcomes of childcare policies across Central American countries, despite their apparent similarity. Marzonetto posits that understanding which actors outline childcare as a public problem is crucial for explaining the varying policy outcomes. Adopting an actor-based institutionalist perspective, the paper emphasizes the importance of identifying stakeholders, their motivations, and the narratives surrounding the public problem. It aims to understand how childcare policy arose as a public issue – whether it was a product of issue networks articulating bottom-up strategies or if it was a top-down result of policy diffusion and the elite adoption of programs from an international portfolio.



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Gabriela Lucía Marzonetto

Visiting Fellow Gabriela Lucía Marzonetto specializes in the politics of childcare policies in Latin America, analyzing the effects and the political determinants of childcare policy and its outcomes...
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