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Friday–Saturday, November 11–12, 2016
Kellogg Institute for International Studies

The Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) project provides the global community with the world’s most comprehensive, accurate, and detailed democracy ratings. The world’s largest dataset on democracy, released to the public in January 2016, has the potential to transform the study of democracy. Any statistical analysis of the nature, causes, or consequences of democracy that has ever been done can be redone, and done better, using V-Dem data.

V-Dem is now sponsoring many collaborations to use its data to understand the nature, causes, and consequences democracy—or lack of democracy. This conference, organized by Faculty Fellow Michael Coppedge, one of four V-Dem PIs, at one of the project’s institutional homes, is an opportunity for researchers within and outside the project to present their analyses for critique and to help set a new agenda for democracy research that takes advantage of V-Dem data.

The conference will promote interaction between selected V-Dem researchers—Michael Bernhard, Michael Coppedge, Adam Glynn, Allen Hicken, Carl-Henrik Knutsen, Pamela Paxton, Dan Pemstein, and Vello Pettai—and democracy or regime researchers who use or may decide to use V-Dem data. The conference includes a mix of panels and roundtables featuring Zachary ElkinsJennifer GandhiGary Goertz, Amy Erica Smith, and Milan Svolik, among others. Click on these links for a complete list of papers and participants.

Varieties of Democracy is an international collaborative research project led by four principal investigators—Michael Coppedge (University of Notre Dame); John Gerring (University of Texas at Austin), a former Kellogg visiting fellow; Staffan I. Lindberg (University of Gothenburg, Sweden); and Sven-Erik Skaaning (Aarhus University, Denmark). The project includes a dozen other researchers from the US, Sweden, Norway, and Chile in leadership roles, plus dozens of regional managers and more than 2,600 country experts.

The Kellogg Institute serves as the project’s institutional home in the US, and the Varieties of Democracy Institute at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden is its home in Europe. More info on V-Dem here.

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