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  • Sixth UN Women Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Leaders’ Forum
    November 28-20, 2023; Quito, Ecuador

    In commemoration of the International Day on the Elimination of Violence against Women, UN Women in New York invited Abby Córdova to  participate in the Sixth UN Women Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces Global Leaders’ Forum on the theme “Strategic Foresight and Issues on the Horizon”, which took place in Quito, Ecuador from 28-30 November 2023. Abby participated as a knowledge expert, speaking about best practices and evidence-based strategies to increase women’s safety. The E-VAW Lab was also represented by Isabel Tasende and Lena Shadow, both undergraduate students at Notre Dame affiliated with the E-VAW Lab and the Kellogg Institute, and Isabella Randle, a PhD student in Political Science and research affiliate of the E-VAW Lab. 

    The Forum provides an opportunity to exchange up to date knowledge and good practices related to the implementation of integrated safe cities and safe public spaces for women and girls’ programmes that help to achieve the Beijing Platform for Action, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the New Urban Agenda.




    Abby Córdova, Lena Shadow, and Isabela Tasende (from left to right) at the Sixth UN Women World Leaders Forum in Quito, Ecuador, in November 2023.


    Abby Córdova (right) invited to discuss evidence-based policies to improve women and girls’ safety in contexts of organized crime and increased policing in a panel moderated by Kalliopi Mingeirou, UN Women’s Chief of Ending Violence against Women Section at the Sixth UN Women World Leaders Forum in Quito, Ecuador, in November 2023.



  • Center for Inter-American Policy and Research CIPR's Fall Series on “Violence, Inequality, and Democracy in the Americas”
    November 6, 2023

    Abby Córdova delivered a talk on the topic “Citizen Responses to Gender and Non-Gender Violence in Criminal Wars” at the Center for Inter-American Policy and Research at Tulane University. Drawing upon results from her book project, Abby discussed the extent to which attitudes toward victims of gender-based violence in criminal wars depend on four largely understudied characteristics: victims’ gender (men or women), perpetrators’ identity (criminal or state armed actors), the type of violence exerted (gender or non-gender based), and the salience of organized criminal groups’ territorial control. Findings show that citizens are more likely to condemn violence against women, especially sexual violence, compared to violence perpetrated against men; yet, public opinion is more tolerant of all violent acts committed by state armed actors than members of OCGs, particularly when aggressions occur in places marked by OCGs’ territorial control.

  • Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Knowledge against Violence Speaker Series
    October 26, 2023

    Abby Córdova delivered a talk on “Weapons of War: Examining Gender- based Violence in Conflict Zones” hosted by the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. In her presentation, Abby shared findings from her book project, highlighting the importance of  civil society organizations in the provision of services to survivors and increasing their access to justice, particularly in the context of criminal wars. This panel also showcased the research and activism of  Romina Istratii (School of History, Religions and Philosophies at SOAS).

  • Meeting with UN Women El Salvador
    October 15, 2023
     As part of a memorandum of understanding signed by the University of Notre Dame and UN Women El Salvador, Abby Córdova and Xochilt Bendeck ran planning meetings in San Salvador to advance collaborative activities. The Notre Dame E-VAW Lab and UN Women plan to collaboratively study the impact of interventions to prevent gender-based violence, develop joint research programs, forge connections with local partners and international actors, and organize joint conferences and symposia.





  • 27th IPSA World Congress and 2023 International Studies Association - Latin America & Caribbean Region Conference
    July 17 and September 15, 2023

    Isabel Güiza-Gómez presented a research project carried out along with Abby Córdova and Juan Albarracin at the 27th IPSA World Congress and the 2023 International Studies Association - Latin America & Caribbean Region Conference. Isabel showed a pre-analysis plan on citizen attitudes towards post-war violence against grassroots peacebuilders in Colombia, focusing on women and indigenous social movement leaders and former insurgent combatants. In late Fall 2023, this research team will field an exploratory survey to gauge public perceptions about social mobilization for redistribution through contentious repertoires in transitioning contexts where redistributive demands and protest are often regarded as system destabilizing. The exploratory survey will also gather qualitative and quantitative data on civilians’ disregard for violence measured through decreased empathetic concern, victim blaming, and criminalizing beliefs. These findings will inform a conjoint experiment embedded in a subsequent survey.