Elsa Barron is working with Rev. Robert Dowd, CSC, researching migration in Europe. Specifically, she is focusing on the challenges of integration for migrants, both from their own perspective and the perspective of native Europeans, and how these challenges are informed by religion. The results from the first study, taking place in Milan, Italy are currently under analysis. Barron is working to understand the meaning behind many migrants’ struggle through the stories and answers revealed in in-depth interviews.

Barron spent the summer conducting research at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore as an S.N. Bose scholar. Her project focused on bioengineering and the cytoskeleton. She also attended the Madrasa Discourses Program in Nepal with the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, considering how Islamic theology contends with the shifting social concerns of the modern world. 

Biological Sciences
Peace Studies
Glynn Family Honors Program
Current Research

Research Interests
My research interests include the migrant crisis in Europe, particularly the experience of Muslim migrants. I am interested in understanding how religion informs these migrants’ experience and treatment in secular and Christian societies. Additionally, I am interested in the threat that climate change and bioterrorism pose to global societies.

Current Research
Currently, I am researching migration in Europe with Fr. Dowd. I am mapping the faith-based organizations that are working with migrants globally, and studying literature from multiple disciplines that addresses the intersection of religion and migration. This January, I will be studying public opinions of new mosques in Athens, Greece with funding from the Nanovic Institute.


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