David Phillips is researching the global right to education through a lens of legal regulations for Professor Paolo Carozza. Specifically, he will be working under the umbrella of a broader faculty research group, which is focused on the international and comparative study of Catholic Education. Phillips’ interest in this topic began through his broader enthusiasm for leveraging legal theory to support human rights and wellbeing. Through his research with Professor Carozza, Phillips hopes to measure the developmental outcomes of educational attainment, especially in developing Latin American nations.

Phillips has received a number of grants to conduct and present research over the course of the last year. Working under the mentorship of Professor Eileen Hunt Botting, Phillips and two peers visited Germany during the spring of 2018. They mapped the historical, social, and ideological overlap between Goethe’s Faust and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. He proceeded to present his working paper at the “Why Frankenstein Matters at 200: Rethinking the Human through the Arts and Sciences” Conference in Rome. In the summer of 2018, Phillips traveled to Santiago, Chile to research the human right to health in the context of global administrative law. During this time, he worked under the guidance of Dr. Thana de Campos at La Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Phillips is a member of the Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program and the Glynn Family Honors Program.

Constitutional Studies
Philosophy, Politics & Economics
Current Research

Research Interests
I am interested broadly in global governance bodies. I am fascinated by international human rights law, especially as it has been applied in the Americas. Specifically, I am interested in the development of more effective accountability mechanisms in the context of global politics.

Current Research
Determinacy of UN Human Rights Committees and other transnational bodies.


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