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Crossroads of Violence: Guerrillas, Indigenous Peoples, Narcotraficantes, and Counterinsurgency Agents in Northwestern Mexico, 1969-1985

Adela Cedillo

Adela Cedillo
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellow (2019-20)

About the Mexico Working Group
The Mexico Working Group serves as a venue for resident and visiting faculty and graduate and undergraduate students to consider issues related to Mexico. With the goal of strengthening the presence of Mexico at Notre Dame, the group supports conferences, talks, cultural events, and academic discussions. The group also fosters academic and cultural exchanges to link the University with Mexico and Mexican Studies institutions and coordinates a biennial Undergraduate Research Conference focused on Mexican issues.
Chair: Jaime Pensado
Graduate Student Coordinator: Noe Pliego Campos (

Speakers / Related People
Adela Cedillo

Adela Cedillo studies social and revolutionary movements, counterinsurgency warfare, drug wars, human rights, and female activism in Latin America.  While at Kellogg, she will research the intersection between Mexico’s Dirty War and the war on drugs in the country’s northwest from 1965 to 1985...
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