Courtney (Claire) Mitchell is excited to work with Professor Terence McDonnell in studying empathy as a concept, particularly with respect to its use as a tool for fostering altruism on an international scale. She is examining the ways in which international organizations use new communication technologies strategically in order to promote empathy as a means of inspiring action, including ethical dilemmas surrounding these new communication strategies. She hopes to be able to apply this research to her studies of communication, global and public health, and the well-being of children internationally.

Pre-Health Studies
Current Research

Research Interests
My research interests include global health, communication, and societal contributors to intersectional well-being. I especially enjoy studying childhood and infancy with respect to these topics.

Current Research
I am excited to work with Professor McDonnell in exploring empathy as a concept, investigating how international organizations use new media technologies to provoke empathy and generate altruism for their causes.