Anna Mittag is a senior studying chemical engineering and poverty studies with research interests in sustainability, environmental justice, public health, and human rights. Through ISP, Mittag works with Professor Ellis Adjei Adams of the Keough School of Global Affairs on research surrounding human-water interactions in the global south. She is currently contributing to projects revolving around resource insecurity, WASH and maternal health, and farmer-herder conflicts. Her roles in these projects consist mainly of literature reviews, qualitative data analysis, and draft revisions. 

Outside of ISP, Mittag has also been involved in research at the WATER Lab at Notre Dame and at the Laboratory for Renewable Nanomaterials at the University of Maine. Her work at the University of Maine was funded by the NSF, and through the opportunity she was able to publish a paper. Mittag has presented her own work and Professor Adams' research at a number of conferences and events. Last year, she traveled to the UNC Water and Health Conference through a Kellogg grant in order to present Professor Adams' work on water journeys. Mittag is looking forward to her final year as an International Scholar as she continues to learn more about the intersectionality of water scarcity and complex issues regarding health, gender, education, politics, and the environment.

Chemical Engineering
Poverty Studies