Yiran (Erin) Shang is a senior majoring in finance and applied and computational mathematics and statistics at Notre Dame and she works with Professor Emilia Powell in the political science department. Currently, she is assisting Professor Powell with her new book project on peaceful resolutions of territorial disputes and maritime disputes. Shang will gather data points from recent literature, interviews and other sources and conduct quantitative analysis on that collected data. In the past, she has assisted Professor Powell with her research on the effectiveness of constitutional courts in Islamic countries and the International Court of Justice’s jurisdiction on territorial disputes.

While at Notre Dame, Shang has received funding from the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies to conduct independent research in Tibet, China. Her research explored the funding procedure and legal loopholes for NGOs in the region. Being a passionate writer outside of academics, Shang writes a column for The Observer, and works as a writing consultant for the University Writing Center. Upon graduation, Shang will pursue a career in investment banking and join Bank of America in the Palo Alto office as an M&A analyst.

Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
International Business
Current Research

Research Interests
International law, international legal systems, Islamic law, human rights.

Current Research
I assist Professor Powell with her research on the intersection between international law and Islamic law.