Abroad: London, England - Spring 2019

Yiran (Erin) Shang is a junior studying finance and applied mathematics at Notre Dame. She currently works with political science professor Emilia Powell, and researches the intersection of Islamic law and international law. Their most recent research project investigates the presence of key terms related to Islamic law systems in international law journals, treaties, and other documents. Shang’s obligations include conducting textual analysis and processing raw data. Another concurrent research project studies the establishment and presence of constitutional courts in Islamic law states and the significance of them in international law. Shang transforms texts and data into codes, assists with regression analysis and generates rigorous analysis based on present evidence. Prior to these projects, Shang worked on Professor Powell’s book project that classifies the similarities and differences between Islamic law and international law, especially in the context of border dispute settlement. 

Shang is a recipient of the summer research funding provided by the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies. She traveled across the U.S. and abroad, to Beijing and Tibet, China for her independent research project. Specifically, she compared and contrasted the procedural differences for non-profit organizations to apply for governmental grants and funding in China and the U.S. Throughout the summer, she interviewed more than 20 governmental officials and staff from different non-profit organizations. Her project concludes with a policy implication for policy makers and human rights organizations.

Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Current Research

Research Interests
International law, international legal systems, Islamic law, human rights.

Current Research
I assist Professor Powell with her research on the intersection between international law and Islamic law.


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