Women’s Responses to Urban Violence and Militarization in Caracas Barrios: Ethnography and the Forging of Memory


This project is part of a comparative ethnographic research project focused on the intersection of gender, the proliferation of firearms, and the militarization of citizen security in popular urban sectors in Caracas, Venezuela. By utilizing a comparative approach, it will document how different types of violent actors facilitate and constrain women’s survival strategies and forms of resistance. It seeks to forge a narrative memory of women’s suffering under militarized security initiatives, but also their capacity to resist. By July 2018, I will have completed my fieldwork in Caracas. During my stay at the Kellogg Institute, I will devote myself to writing combined with library research and exchanges with colleagues, with the aim of producing the Women ́s responses to Urban Violence and Militarization in Caracas Narrative Memory Project, which will lay the groundwork for future reparations and justice.