I am Sister Edelquine Shivachi, a PhD student at the University of Notre Dame pursuing a degree in theology. I completed my undergraduate studies at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Kenya attaining a bachelor’s degree in sacred theology. I then came to ND through the African Initiative to pursue a master’s degree in theology [MTS] with specialization in History of Christianity. I was initially interested in researching on the history of the Little Sisters of St. Francis [LSOSF], an order founded in Uganda in 1923 by Theresa Kearney, an Irish Sister. Over the summer of 2019, I discovered that I needed to do something broader than limiting myself to the history of my order. I got inclined to researching on something around the issues of ecology, theology, and gender in Africa. I am convinced that issues around these three themes are pertinent in my African continent currently than they were before. The environment is groaning and the more we get people write about this failure on the relationship between humanity and the environment, the more we try to mitigate the issues of climate change and global warming in Africa, but also globally. I am also inclined to knowing the relationship between gender and ecology, just to mention but a few.

I am a novelist. Over summer of 2019, I wrote two novels: The blossoming Real Lilies, and The Balloon. The two novels are yet to be published. I am octo-lingual, with ability to speak four languages and translate the other four. I like research and writing and perhaps, my futures plans would be geared towards researches and writing in addition to my career as a teacher.