This profile was current as of May 2022, when she was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

Sophia Kics is a senior at the University of Notre Dame studying Spanish and pre-health studies with a minor in gender studies. Her passion is advocating for intersectional feminism, and she hopes to gain knowledge of what gender means in different cultures and societies through her research and studies. As a Spanish major, she is particularly interested in intersectional feminism in Latin America. Kics aspires to become a physician, and her goal is to use this knowledge to contribute to a more equitable American healthcare system.

Kics assists Professor Vanesa Miseres in her research on women writers and war literature in Latin America. For the past two years, she has been assisting her in compiling databases of Spanish-language magazines and articles written by women authors during wartimes in Latin America, which Professor Miseres utilizes in her composition of her book on Latin American women war writing. Additionally, Kics preliminarily edits the chapters of this book as Professor Miseres finishes them, as well as her writing on feminist food studies. She plans to complete a senior capstone project examining the construction of the feminine body through the lens of medicine and health in Acción Femenina, a Chilean feminist magazine that she has extensively researched with Professor Miseres.

Pre-Health Studies
Gender Studies