Sofía Villamil is a senior from San Juan, Puerto Rico majoring in theology and Latino studies with a minor in Portuguese & Brazilian studies. Villamil is currently working with Professor Marisel Moreno on a variety of projects. For the fall 2023 semester, Villamil is focusing on her work as a teaching assistant for Professor Moreno’s Introduction to Latino/a/x Studies course. For the spring 2024 semester, she will be aiding Professor Moreno with her research for future publications, including her next book centered around Hurricane María and the art produced in response to the storm both on the island and in the diaspora. Throughout both semesters, Villamil will also work on her thesis, which centers around the newly published anthology, “Daughters of Latin America: An International Anthology of Writing by Latine Women”, with Professor Moreno as her thesis advisor. The thesis will be a culmination of her extensive work with Latin American literature throughout her college career. 

Villamil was also a 2022 recipient of a Kellogg Institute Virtual Internship award. Through this, she was able to work with Kaya Responsible Travel (Ecuador), an organization that matched her with Anaconda Editorial, an independent and sustainable publishing company that amplifies indigenous, Ecuadorian, and broader Latin American art and literature. During her internship, Villamil researched for an upcoming book about the fight for the human right to clean, accessible water in Ecuador. 

Latino Studies
Portuguese & Brazilian Studies