Special Event

Current Events Roundtable: Protests in Latin America

Protests in Chile - Fall 2019

This roundtable discussion about recent protests in Latin America will be led by Kellogg Faculty Fellow Scott Mainwaring, who will moderate a conversation with commentary by specific Kellogg community members who have recent on-the-ground experience in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador. Contributions will also be encouraged from all attending the event. Join the conversation and share your perspective!

Camila Antelo Iriarte, Kellogg International Scholar (Bolivia)
Natasha Reifenberg, ND alumna and former Kellogg International Scholar (Chile)
Camilo Nieto Matiz, Kellogg Dissertation Year Fellow (Colombia)
Pier Pigozzi, JSD candidate at ND Law School and former Kellogg PhD Fellow (Ecuador)

ModeratorScott Mainwaring, Eugene P. and Helen Conley Professor of Political Science

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