Rose Benas is majoring in political science and global affairs with a minor in education, schooling, and society. She is conducting research to support Joshua Eisenman’s upcoming book publication on China-Africa relations. In addition to the International Scholars Program, Benas works as a tutor in the Writing Center and Presenter Center.

Benas completed two virtual internships with Kaya Responsible Travel through the Kellogg Institute. In the winter of 2021, she worked with a group of other students to support the Refugee Legal and Advocacy Centre in Cape Town, South Africa by researching case law. During the summer, Benas worked with the nonprofit organization, Nghi Luc Song (Will to Live Center - WLC), which is based in Hanoi, Vietnam. The WLC provides free training, education resources, and employment opportunities to people with disabilities. The center also runs social initiatives to end general social stigma and discrimination towards people with disabilities in society. Amidst COVID-19 restrictions, Benas edited grant proposals, assisted with website design, and created an English curriculum for when WLC can resume. She also worked with several students in one-on-one virtual lessons on a weekly basis.

Global Affairs
Political Science
Education, Schooling and Society

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