Rose Benas is studying political science and global affairs. She works with Professor Karrie Koesel, who is working on a book regarding civic education in authoritarian regimes with a focus on China. By analyzing primary and secondary sources, Benas helps to research how political education impacts political ideology and legitimacy. In addition to the International Scholars Program, she works as a writing center tutor and plans to spend a semester in Washington, D.C. with Notre Dame’s Washington Program.

Rose is working during the summer of 2021 with Kaya Responsible Travel to support the nonprofit organization, Nghi Luc Song (Will to Live Center - WLC), which is based in Hanoi, Vietnam. The WLC provides free training, education resources, and employment opportunities to people with disabilities. The center also runs social initiatives to end general social stigma and discrimination towards people with disabilities in society. Amidst COVID-19 restrictions, Benas will work as a remote intern to support the WLC with editing funding proposals and website design. If government regulations lift, she will be assisting with English language classes depending on the re-opening of classrooms and social distancing guidelines. Given her academic studies of Asia and education, this remote internship offers a meaningful intersection of these two interests. Looking forward, Benas hopes to acquire a deeper understanding of nonprofit organizations and gain hard and soft skills that translate into a future career.

Global Affairs
Political Science

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