Radoslava (Radka) Pribyl Pierdinock, a history and environmental science major, is working with Agave Spirits in Ecuador to study the benefits of the the agave plant. Pribyl Pierdinock is researching the nutritional benefits of chawarmisqui, referred to by many Ecuadorians as the “drink of the spirits.” This research will be turned into a paper that will help Agave Spirits share the value of the agave plant to the Ecuadorian community and visitors from around the world. Because most Ecuadorians view the agave plant as an eyesore that provides no value, Pribyl Pierdinock hopes her research will help preserve the plant.  This work has allowed Pribyl Pierdinock the opportunity to understand the impact that a plant has both nutritionally and culturally on a community and to explore the nutritional field. After graduation, Pribyl Pierdinock hopes to continue her passion learning about nutrition by pursuing her master’s in nutrition.

Environmental Sciences