Mackenzie Nolan is currently working with Professor Michael Desch to research both historic and modern nuclear weapons policy within the United States. Specifically, Nolan is looking at when different United States’ government officials considered the use of nuclear weapons. For her senior thesis, Nolan is focusing on international and U.S. sanctions policy. She is investigating the effect of the re-imposition of sanctions on Iran as well as under what conditions sanctions can serve as a tool for nuclear disarmament in the Middle East and worldwide. 

On campus, Nolan is a member of the International Security Studies Certificate program which is part of the Notre Dame International Security Center. Within the program, Nolan has had many opportunities for experiential learning, for example, by visiting a Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in California and by attending a nuclear disarmament conference at the Vatican. More generally, Nolan helps lead Notre Dame’s Women in International Security (WIIS) chapter which provides educational and professional development to young professionals in the field of international security and peace. 

Thesis Title: Too Much Vinegar, Not Enough Honey: Bittersweet Sanctions Policy

Thesis Adviser: George Lopez

Arabic Studies
Political Science
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Research Interests
International Security

Current Research
Currently working on Professor Desch's manuscript that will be submitted to a publisher in January.