This profile was current as of 2018, when he was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

I am working with Dr. Bergstrand, a Finance professor in the Mendoza College of Business. We are working on a large data set of trade agreements between all countries of the world. Each of the researchers is assigned to a continent and is responsible to find all of the trade agreements the continent engages in, classifying those according to type and inputting the “enter into effect” date into the data set. I am part of the Greater China Scholars Program and I was given a scholarship to conduct research in Shanghai, China. I investigated the differences between Chinese and American Corporate Venture Capital. Specifically, I examined the distinct CVC ecosystems and investment goals, delving into a case study company for China and the U.S.

Thematic Interests

Economic anthropology; Impact of interpersonal networks on the economy; International business; Cross-cultural competency