This profile was current as of 2015, when he was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

Bumba Mukherjee (PhD, Columbia University), a former Kellogg faculty fellow, returns to the Institute as a visiting fellow for spring 2015. Now associate professor of political science at Penn State University, he studies how domestic political institutions affect trade and monetary policy as well as financial liberalization, and the design and impact of international institutions. He also conducts research in formal theory and statistical methodology, especially time series analysis and finite mixture models.

At Kellogg, Mukherjee will work with Faculty Fellow Alexandra Guisinger on the book manuscript, Shadow Banks, the IMF and the Politics of Financial Crises in Developing Countries. This book seeks to explain when and why financial crises occur in developing countries under observation by IMF programs.

Mukherjee and Guisinger will evaluate the effect of financial crises on political repression and the likelihood of military coups in developing states. The project codes original data from IMF programs using automated text analysis and employs a combination of case studies, high-frequency time-series data, and pooled data to evaluate theoretical predictions.  

In addition to numerous articles, Mukherjee is the author of Democracy, Electoral Institutions, and Judicial Empowerment in Developing States(with Vineeta Yadav, University of Michigan Press, 2014) and Globalization, Democracy, and Trade Policy in the Developing World (University of Chicago Press, forthcoming).