Bridget Rose Galassini Obituary October 4, 1993 - July 5, 2020


This bio was current as of 2016, when she was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

Thesis TitleEconomic Impacts of Climate Change Adaptation (and/or) Adaptation Policy in Chile

For my International Economics senior research project or thesis, I am working on combining my research in ISP (on the politics of climate change adaptation), with economics, and with the country of Chile. In my ISP research, I have worked with Professor Javeline to find information about how climate change adaptation gets on the political agenda, how it impacts communities, how different parts of communities (citizens, NGOs, businesses, government, entire states) work together to create an adaptation plan, and other topics as well. I am curious about how government spending on adaptation impacts the economy, or also how adaptation policy affects the economy. This idea was sparked when I was studying in Chile and one of my Chilean friends told me that there was a policy where certain license plates (even or odd ending for example) couldn't drive on certain days, and instead of conserving, families would simply buy another car. Now, this was in a wealthier area, but it made me think about the effect that adaptation/mitigation policies have on consumer activity. I am currently researching what other papers have been written about the economic impacts of climate change adaptation and/or climate change policy on other countries, and on the world, in the hopes that these will give me a good basis for my paper.

I've had two summer internships and one spring internship in Washington D.C. My summer internships include working as a journalism intern at the Chicago Sun-Times (found on my own, funded by the Career Center) and working for the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin, Ireland (found and funded through the ND Irish Internship Program). My internship in D.C. was working for the Brookings Institution in the Brown Center on Education Policy (found through the Brookings website). I also studied abroad in Santiago, Chile last fall. I'd love to answer any questions about any of this!

International Economics
Other Accomplishments & Recognitions

2016 - Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship - Spain