Addressing Critical Global Challenges in the Policy Arena

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Please join us for a panel introducing the Kellogg Policy and Practice Research Labs, a new initiative of the Institute supporting faculty research that aims to influence policy and practice on current issues of pressing importance. In this conversation moderated by Susan Page, Visiting Professor of the Practice at the Keough School of Global Affairs, the PIs of each of the four new Labs will give an overview of their research, connecting it to the impact they seek: 

  • Initiative on International Economic Integration
    Faculty Fellow Jeff Bergstrand, Professor of Finance
  • Integral Human Development Research Lab
    Faculty Fellow Rev. Emmanuel Katongole, Professor of Theology and Peace Studies
    Faculty Fellow Clemens Sedmak, Professor of Social Ethics
  • Notre Dame Reparations Design and Compliance Lab
    Faculty Fellow Diane Desierto, Associate Professor of Human Rights Law and Global Affairs
    Faculty Fellow Aníbal Pérez-Liñán, Professor of Political Science and Global Affairs
  • Notre Dame Transitional Justice Lab
    Faculty Fellow Guillermo Trejo, Associate Professor of Political Science

A reception will follow the panel presentations.

Video from event:

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