Nick is a doctoral student in the Department of History, where he focuses on Islamic studies and global history. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music performance and history from Syracuse University in 2009 and his Master of Arts in Global, International, and Comparative History from Georgetown University in 2014. His publications include Political Islam and the Invention of Tradition (New Academia Publishing, 2015). Before Notre Dame he was Special Assistant to the former Chief of Staff of the US Department of State and a consultant for a Fortune 100 defense and intelligence contractor. In addition to his position at Notre Dame, he is Community Relations Manager for His Excellency Omar Saif Ghobash, UAE Ambassador to Russia.  

Thematic Interests

My dissertation is a history of state building in Oman, after 1749 when it was declared a Sultanate. Oman has been a beacon of stability in the Middle East, and maintains a crucial position on the world stage (for example arbitrating the landmark nuclear deal between USA/Iran). Therefore, I seek to argue that Oman and its history should be viewed as a reference for modernity, human development, and sound governance.