My surveys have gone over well with all of the women we have talked to so far. The women understand the questions and no one has appeared uncomfortable with the subject. The surveys alone have shown some interesting data but many of the women will add more information to their survey answers, so I also have some great field notes and observations to supplement the surveys. In about seven days of doing surveys, we have been able to survey just under 50 women in my first village. My initial goal was to survey 70 women but I am worried that because many women tend to stay indoors it may be hard to reach that number in this village, so I am aiming for 60 and hoping for a chance to return in a few weeks if time permits. By next week sometime I am hoping to start surveying in my second village.

In this first village, which is the more progressive village, it has been interesting to see that many of the women we surveyed who have latrines, believe that everyone in the village has access to a latrine and that no one openly defecates but I have actually surveyed a good number of women who do practice open defecation, most of whom do not have a properly functioning latrine. I find it interesting that those with more money and in higher castes do not notice the problems individuals in their community are facing. I am really interested to see how this compares with the next village.


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