Micaela Alvarado

On Friday, July 2…

My favorite task I completed during these two weeks was writing a report about the impact COVID-19 had on Moroccan women. It centered on the challenges women faced in regards to unemployment, lack of access to health care, increased domestic tasks, and violence. While researching and gathering information for my piece, it made me realize how women everywhere are usually treated worse than men. Even in an affluent and much more progressive country like the United States, I am reminded that women all across the globe share similar experiences regardless of their country. For instance, I learned that with lockdown measures in Morocco women experienced higher rates of violence from their significant partners. I know that many American women experienced similar accounts of violence from abusive partners as a result of the lockdown we had too. Overall, I enjoy writing reports on important topics such as this because I am able to spread awareness to a greater audience while also furthering my own knowledge of the situation. Specifically, I am expanding my knowledge outside of what I know as a United States citizen, which is important if I want to help foster positive change in the world.

Besides that, I have really enjoyed texting my “buddy”, Yasmina, from Morocco. I recently learned that they have similar parties in regards to a woman’s pregnancy. In the United States, I know that many families, like my own, have baby showers prior to the birth of their child. My buddy told me they have similar parties that occur after the child is born. She also showed me pictures of traditional outfits worn in Morocco that reminded me of traditional outfits worn in my Mexican culture. It fascinates me how different yet very similar our cultures can be.