On Friday, June 1…

I arrived in Shirati on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning, I met with my Community Technology Workers (CTWs) for the first time informally to discuss and explain the work I did last year with Linda. Both Linda and Fred came along. Thursday morning, the five of us met again, we went over the responsibilities, time commitment, etc. of being a Community Technology Worker. Thursday afternoon, I worked with Fred to create a contract for the CTWs. I sent it to Professor Sievers for approval. This morning Fred and I went over the contract with the CTWs and they signed to start work on Monday!

We have been in contact with the gas distributor and they are sending someone possibly tomorrow to conduct additional training with the CTWs. I have developed a training and I'm reaching out for further resources. We will conduct my training this coming week and work on household selection out of the households that we surveyed last summer from the villages that Mary and Nayome (CTWs) are from (Mshire and Kubwana).

Personally, I am so incredibly happy to be back in Shirati. I really have enjoyed the comforts and familiarity of returning to the same place. I am running again along my favorite road to Lake Victoria. I secured housing with the woman who cooked and cleaned for Luke and I last year. She lives right next to Dr. Chirangi, along the same road I lived last year, and a five minute walk from Fred's house.

I am very pleased with this move as I can really be immersed in Swahili (she does not speak any English). I have been pleased by my ability to communicate. My Swahili has really improved. A goal of mine for this year is to really work towards fluency. I have been reading Swahili literature and insisting that everyone speak to me in Swahili even if they know English. I know that living with Mama Randa instead of with English speakers will be a better situation.