Hector Melo Ruiz PhD 2018, with advisor Carlos A. JaureguiFormer Kellogg Doctoral Affiliate Hector Melo Ruiz (PhD 2018, pictured, left),  who completed his doctoral dissertation under the direction of Kellogg Faculty Fellow Carlos A. Jauregui (pictured, right) has secured a tenure track position as assistant professor of Spanish at the prestigious Carleton College, one of the highest ranked liberal arts schools in the country.

Melo Ruiz is a specialist in Latin American literature, with particular expertise in 20th-and 21st-century Latin American narrative. He currently is writing a book about the cultural representation of riots. His research and teaching broadly focus on violence, race, and intellectuals, with a special interest in Cuban cinema and the historical novel, as well as early modern and colonial literature. He teaches courses on labor, contemporary narrative, and urban unrest.