Former Visiting Fellow James Loxton is the author of a new book that was a major focus of his work during his 2014-2015 fellowship at the Kellogg Institute for International Studies.

Conservative Party-Building in Latin America: Authoritarian Inheritance and Counterrevolutionary Struggle (Oxford University Press, 2021) systemically compares failed and successful party-building efforts in the region. According to the publisher, Loxton’s book “advances growing literature on vestiges of authoritarianism in democratic regimes, particularly ‘authoritarian successor parties’” and “provides rich new empirical details on conservative parties” on Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

The book was launched at this year’s Latin American Studies Association (LASA) conference with a roundtable that included former Visiting Fellows Kenneth Roberts, Wendy Hunter (also a Kellogg Advisory Board member), and Maxwell Cameron; and former guest scholar Sebastián Mazzuca and invited speaker Javier Corrales.

Loxton is a senior lecturer in comparative politics at the University of Sydney in Australia.


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