The Kellogg Institute for International Studies welcomes three new visiting fellows for the spring 2024 semester, including two Fulbright Chairs.

Edward Brudney, assistant professor of history at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, will work on finishing his current book project, “Changing the Rules of the Game: Labor, Law, and Citizenship in Argentina, 1973-1983,” which examines the creation and enforcement of labor law in Argentina during the 1970s and argues for the importance of critically analyzing the disconnect between the letter of the law and its practical applications, even (or especially) under authoritarianism.


Jaime Olaiz-González is this year’s Fulbright-Garcia Robles COMEXUS Mexico Studies Chair, in collaboration with Notre Dame International. A professor of constitutional theory, international law, and American jurisprudence at Universidad Panamericana Law School in Mexico City, Mexico, his time at Kellogg will be used to work on his project, "Constitutional Regressions: On Mexico's Ongoing Institutional Demolition." For the project, he will conduct research on the derivative character (or not) of Mexico’s model of constitutional amendment vis-à-vis the US experience of constitutional change.


Pelusa Orellana, a professor and associate dean of research at the University of the Andes, is the Chilean Fulbright Chair in Democracy and Human Development this spring. Her research focuses on literacy, and her time at Kellogg will be spent on her research project "Examining Public Policy to Guarantee Access to High Quality Literacy Education." She will examine public policy to promote literacy at the school level in the United States, with the purpose of identifying actions that could be implemented in Chile, to revert the downward trends in reading and writing levels in her home country.


These three scholars will join five others who have been at Notre Dame since the fall, holding 2023-24 academic-year visiting fellowships with the Kellogg Institute:

  • Gabriel Cepaluni, Associate Professor, Department of International Relations and Public Policy, São Paulo State University (UNESP)
  • Juan Sebastián Chamorro, Hewlett Visiting Fellow for Public Policy
  • Rithika Kumar, Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow (PhD, Political Science, University of Pennsylvania, 2023)
  • Gabriela Lucía Marzonetto, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, CONICET, National University of Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina)
  • Jana Morgan, Professor of Political Science, University of Tennessee

Since 1983, the Kellogg Institute for International Studies has offered visiting fellowships to promote interdisciplinary international research in a supportive community of scholars. This widely respected residential program offers researchers time to pursue scholarly inquiry, advance personal research, and collaborate with other scholars and practitioners from across the US and around the globe. Visiting fellows pursue research related to Kellogg Institute themes of democracy and human development, share their research with the Notre Dame scholarly community, and have the opportunity to publish in Kellogg’s peer-reviewed Working Paper Series.