Danice Brown Guzmán, a research associate with the Ford Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity, is the lead author of a paper in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Types of Childhood Exposure to Violence and Association With Caregiver Trauma in Peru,” co-authored with Faculty Fellow Laura Miller-Graff and Caroline Scheid, a University of Notre Dame graduate student in psychology, examines typologies of childhood polyvictimization and the associations of profiles with demographic characteristics at the levels of child, household, and primary caregiver.

“This study offers a unique opportunity to more deeply understand childhood exposure to violence in Latin America, specifically in an urban setting in Peru, and to further understand how childhood victimization is associated with various characteristics of the child, caregiver, and household,” the authors wrote. “These findings could inform interventions supporting children and families at risk of exposure to violence in Peru or globally.”