Faculty Fellow Karrie Koesel (political science) has coedited a new book, Citizens and the State in Authoritarian Regimes, to be published later this spring by Oxford University Press. Part of her research for the project was supported by Kellogg funding.

The book provides new insights into authoritarian politics and expands understandings of regime-society relations. She and coeditors Valerie Bunce and Jessica Weiss compare Russia and China, two of the most powerful authoritarian states today, in order to understand contemporary dictators.

“I am grateful for Kellogg's support of this project," Koesel said, noting especially the institute's assistance in organizing a workshop at Notre Dame, "I'm delighted that the volume will be out in early April.”

Koesel is associate professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame where she specializes in the study of contemporary Chinese and Russian politics, authoritarianism, and religion and politics.