An Uncertain Age

Faculty Fellow Paul Ocobock (history) was honored with the American Historical Association's Morris D. Forkosch Prize for his book An Uncertain Age: The Politics of Manhood in Kenya.  The prize recognizes the best book in English in the field of British, British imperial, or British Commonwealth history since 1485.  Much of Ocobock's research was supported by a Kellogg Faculty Research Grant, which enabled him to access to important documents from British archives.

"No one writes a book alone, and the Kellogg Institute has been like a second home and my Kellogg colleagues like an academic family," shared Ocobock. "The book really benefited from the brilliant, constructive feedback of my fellow Africanists like Jaimie Bleck, Catherine Bolten, Erin McDonnell, Terry McDonnell, as well as the many wonderful scholars who come each year as visiting fellows."

Read the official award announcement here.