This bio is current as of 2022.

Natalie Ying is a policy officer at New People's Party in Hong Kong. Upon graduation, Ying turned her passion in politics and policy into her career with a political party. Ying's main duties as a policy officer are to conduct policy research and produce various written documents, consultation documents, and columns.  



The profile below was current as of 2021 when she was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

As a senior, Natalie Ying will be writing a senior thesis with Professor Jazmin Sierra. Her thesis focuses on the politics of climate change, with the research question being “under what conditions do emerging economic powers shift their climate change discourses”. In her research, Ying would be tracing the changes in climate change discourses, drawing insights from speeches made by heads of state at UN climate change conferences, attitudes during the negotiation of climate change international agreements, and rhetoric in the state media.

Political Science