Natalie Ying is currently working on Professor Victoria Tin-bor Hui’s research about wars in Chinese history. Ying’s primary job is to collect raw data from reading historical texts, computing the year, army size, causalities, and route of the wars. After raw data collection, Ying has to analyze the data, categorizing them into internal and external wars for further examination. The ultimate goal of the research project is to analyze whether the current Chinese rhetoric matches the actual type of regime the Chinese government claims to be. Ying started working for Professor Hui in her freshmen year, and has been working with Professor Hui under the Kellogg International Scholars Program since her sophomore year.

Ying’s research interest lies in colonialism and foreign territories. She hopes to utilize the support of the Kellogg Institute to do research on the effects of colonialism and occupied territory on people’s national identity.

Political Science

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