Micro-Experiences of Humanity: A Year of Humanitarian Corridors (Rome, Italy)


This workshop on welcoming refugees through faith-based and community-based sponsorship will consider experiences from Italy, UK, France, Austria, Germany, Ireland and Canada. Kellogg Faculty member Ilaria Schnyder von Wartensee and Faculty Fellow Clemens Sedmak (Keough School of Global Affairs) will present preliminary results on the Humanitarian Corridor Initiative of the Ford Program in dialogue with other actors in best practices and challenges, informing also policy leaders and researchers. Participants include Eritrean and Somali refugees, faculty members of various universities, as well as representatives from Caritas Italy, the community of St Egidio, and Gandhi Charity; the Vatican Dicastery for Migration and Refugees; and the Swiss and Canadian embassies.

Sponsored with the Ford Program for Human Development Studies and SolidarityNanovic Institute for European Studies, and the Center for Social Concerns, in collaboration with the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway.